South Indian Actress Hot Photos

South Indian Actress Hot Photos
South Indian Actress Hot Photos

Apr 7, 2011

Hot Pics

ఇలియానా పై అశ్వినిదత్ వేడి ఆరోపణలు

ఇలియానాపై అశ్వనీదత్ ఫిర్యాదు చేసినట్లు ఫిలిం నగర్ వర్గాల ద్వారా అందిన సమాచారం. వివరాల్లోకి వెళితే ప్రముఖ నిర్మాత, వైజయంతీ మూవీస్ అధినేత అయిన చలసాని అశ్వనీదత్ తను నిర్మించగా ఇటీవల విడుదలైన "శక్తి" చిత్రంలో హీరోయిన్ గా నటించిన ఇలియానాపై ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ నిర్మాతల మండలి (ఎ.పి.ప్రొడ్యూసర్స్ కౌన్సిల్) లో ఫిర్యాదు చేశారని తెలిసింది. ఎందుకయ్యా అంటే యంగ్ టైగర్ యన్ టి ఆర్ హీరోగా ద్విపాత్రాభినయంలో నటించగా, ఇలియానా హీరోయిన్ గా నటించగా, మెహెర్ రమేష్ దర్శకత్వంలో తాను నిర్మించిన 45 కోట్ల భారీ బడ్జెట్ చిత్రం"శక్తి" చిత్రం యొక్క ప్రమోషన్ కోసం హీరోయిన్ ఇలియానా రావటం లేదని అశ్వనీదత్ ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ నిర్మాతల మండలిలో కంప్లైట్ చేశారట.

Mar 8, 2011

Biapasa Basu Modda and Puku ( Pooku ) Photos

Biapasa Basu Modda and Puku ( Pooku ) Photos

Modda and puku ( also we can use the word “POOKU” is the most repeating words from every mouth which are satisfying the people. The word modda is referring to a body part and Pooku (puku) also refer the same thing. But here is the lot of difference between Modda and Puku(Pooku). The difference between is that male and female.

Feb 26, 2011

Adriana Lingerie Wear Pics

Adriana Lingerie Wear Pics

am using Telugu Modda Puku as for my site for my satisfaction nothing more else. I like modda Modda Kathalu a lot and not only that i really love Pukulo Modda keepis.

Feb 14, 2011

Samantha Hot Pics ( 15 Photos)

Samantha Hot Pics

“Yem Maya Chesave” fame Samntha Prabu is now on the top of Tollywood.  She is giving nice competition to all Tollywood beauties. Not only with her acting and also with her exposing she is giving competition and saying that she is not less in anything.

Feb 10, 2011

Bhavana Latest Photo Shoot ( 15 Photos)

Bhavana Latest Photo Shoot

Tollywood actress bavana is so sexy and so romatic. Now she is creating sensation in tollywood with her sexy exposing and romatic looks. Check out the latest stills of her.

Rithika Bikini Pics( 15 Photos)

South indian actress Rithika is creating waves in film industry. This Blade bapji film fame girl is not doing well from past two years. With "sorry ma ayana intlo unnadu" she was introduced to tollywood. She acted in around 50 films in kollywood and mollywood and also she did a film bollywood.

Feb 5, 2011

Bavina Hot Pics( 15 Photos)

This actress name is Bavina. She is from Mollywood. This mollywood actress is trying to get oppurchunities in tollywood. recently she got once chance in a blue film. This film as titled as "Kama Yodhudu". In this film this actress will play the second lead role while Tollywood actress Bhuvaneshwari plays the mail female lead role. recently Bhuvaneshvari caught in prostitution red handedly ..BUT she did not stoped her blue films. 

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